In 1882, Mahmoud Al Yaman started a small sweets factory to offer high quality traditional Lebanese foods for Sidon and its neighboring regions. With the motivation of our highly skilled staff together with making use of the best and latest technologies, our factories are able to produce the best Halawa, Turkish delights, and Tahini in all of Lebanon. Our great grandfather Mahmoud Al-Yaman was at the helm of its beginnings, and had a clear vision for the forthcoming future.

In its early beginnings, Al-Yaman started as a small factory with its supply and testing coming from a small laboratory. Mahmoud Al-Yaman was very well known for his popular and very tasty sweets. At that time, all sweets he was producing from halawa, tahini, to Turkish delights were all handmade and sold mainly to Sidon and nearby villages.

After his retirement, Mahmoud Al-Yaman passed the torch to his sons, and eventually to the full control Of Samih Al Yaman and his sons.  His sons who were already trained in the business and worked a lot with their father, continued to excel in their father’s tradition. They now had a vision of their own and wanted to diversify the company's product line, and expand their business to reach the whole of Lebanon. 

With the rapid technological advancements and the increase in demand for the now very popular tasting products, the biggest move in the company's history was made. It was no longer feasible to continue hand making our diverse products. Utilizing state of the art technologies and foreign consultations, we inaugurated our state of the art factory that was responsible for the full production of the best halawa, tahini and Turkish delights on the market.

With machinery involved and now that the production process is fully automated, we were one of the first sweet production facilities to obtain an ISO 9001 for high quality management of food safety.  Our factory was a pioneering marvel at the time, contributing immensely to our future success...